Sodastream: Does it Work? -

Sodastream: Does it Work?

If you really like soda, then the Sodastream may peak your curiosity. The device claims to turn water into primo pop.

The contraption is environmentally friendly because you don't need electricity or batteries to operate the device, and the soda bottles can be used over and over again.

To find out if the Sodastream worked, we took the device to a business and took over the break room.

The instructions are rather simple - fill the bottle with water, then press a button to add some fizz. After adding some flavored syrup, you give the bottle a few shakes to mix everything up.

When the soda was ready, a few of the employees came to the breakroom and took the drink for a test sip.

In one cup - soda from the vending machine, in another - the Sodastream soda.

In the end - one vote for Sodastream, three for the vending machine variety. But, since you can add carbonation and syrup to fit your individual taste, all of the testers gave the Sodastream a thumbs up.

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