Cohabitation agreements on the rise -

More couples entering cohabitation agreements

Many couples are choosing to live together before getting married, or without ever taking a walk down the aisle. The question is, how can individuals protect their assets if it comes to breaking up?

Courts are seeing a rise in unmarried couples duking it out over property and assets after a breakup, which is why some attorneys are now advising clients to pursue "cohabitation agreements." These agreements clarify the expectations of partners in terms of paying the bills, division of property, and a number of other matters.

Attorneys say the agreements are a good idea both for unmarried heterosexual couples and same-sex partners whose unions are not legally recognized. They are especially critical if children are involved, particularly if kids are adopted by only one of the partners. A cohabitation agreement may also be a good idea if one of the people in the relationship has significant debt.

These discussions aren't romantic, but they can save a lot of grief in the event of a break-up between partners who share a lot of property.

So even if you won't be signing a marriage license anytime soon, have the talk and consider making one of these agreements.

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