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Why 'Baby Boomers' are more likely to divorce

They're called "gray" divorces. Baby boomers married 20 or more years…and suddenly, it's Splitsville.

"I see lots of baby boomers," says Ellen Casper, a seasoned marriage counselor. "They're not afraid of going to counseling, unlike their parents' generation."

Casper has been a marriage counselor for 35 years. She has never been busier. "One reason more and more baby boomers are getting divorced is that they're generally in better shape and expect to live longer than the previous generation," she explains. "Heck, retirement used to mean you got shipped to the old folks' home, but these days it's different. You have a big chunk of your life left to live."

Divorce attorney Deanna DiPetta concurs with Casper's observations.

"[Baby boomers] don't just sit in their rocking chairs like people in their 70's used to," says DiPetta. "They want to live their lives. So they figure out, ‘I don't think I want to be with this person for the next 20 years or so' and they divorce."

Usually, DiPetta's clients give up on their relationships after several years; but now many baby boomers are saying, ‘The last 20 years have been fun, but I want out.'

"People say, ‘We grew apart; we grew apart,'" says DiPetta. "Well, that's fine. But I think for most divorces, it's my view that people don't try as hard as they should. I always say it's too easy to get divorced. But I think it's too easy to get married."

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