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iPant: Does it Work?

We'd all love to look like super models – particularly when swimsuit season comes around. That's why lingerie company Wacoal created its anti-cellulite iPant

A body shaper designed to get rid of those dimply derrieres, the iPant advertises that it is embedded with capsules that provide the best selection of ingredients including caffeine, retinol and ceramides. 

Mona Hirst is a spa owner who has made beauty her business. Wanting to smooth out a few trouble spots of her own, she took the iPant for a trial run, wearing the iPant eight hours per day for 28 days. 

"The first day I put it on, I felt this heat, this energy happening," she says. "It's almost like my lower half was drinking coffee!" 

Hirst rather liked the tingly side effect, but others – such as acne – were not so welcome. Dr. Lydia Parker of the Parker Skin and Aesthetic Clinic helped monitor Hirst's progress. She says that Hirst developed something called folliculitis.

"That can happen when you're wearing tighter clothing and it irritates the hair follicles," she explains. 

But Hirst says she can deal with that as a trade-off for the results she got from wearing the iPant. "My behind is not so much dimply," she notes. "It started smoothing out a little bit. And my legs also; the back of my legs is where I noticed [a difference]." 

"I actually do see significant changes," she continues. "I have to admit that I was very skeptical and was not expecting to see much of a skin change." 

Hirst also lost one-quarter of an inch from her thighs, which is one of the claims made by the manufacturers. 

"It's worth the investment for the reaction that I got out of it," Hirst says. 

Could Wacoal's iPant give you a leg up on your next public appearance? Grab a pair and find out for yourself.

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