Here is some fresh advice for rose lovers -

Fresh advice for rose lovers

The power and allure of the rose isn't lost on our pro florist, James Underwood.  Roses are America's top-selling flower and the first thing Underwood's customers ask for when they visit his flower boutique, Planet Florist.

"The secret to keeping your roses fresher longer is to work with them every few days", claims Underwood. 

Once you buy dozen roses you can arrange them in one vase and place that in your living room.  Then over time as you clean them, pair them down, you can create a smaller arrangement for your dining room.  Even after that you can separate them, putting the roses into smaller and smaller vases, adorning your entire home.  You can even re-gift them, making a smaller bouquet and give that to a friend.

Underwood suggests that when working with roses you should prepare all the things you're going to need before cutting the rose.  When removing thorns you only want to cut off the tip because if you go too deep you're going to scar the stem.  That will slow down the process of the rose drinking its much-needed water.

When you can, you want to cut the rose stem under water because the rose stem will actually inhale at the moment it's cut and you want it to inhale water.  If you cut the stem in the air it's going to start healing itself and block the water later.

The next step is trimming the leaves, especially the ones which will be under the water.  You always want to leave the last one at the top because it will help feed the rose keeping it alive longer.

Finally, replace the old water with fresh water every few days and change the container.  This is going to extend the life of the rose much, much longer.

One of the most loving messages you can send your sweetheart is a dozen long-stem roses.  If you follow James Underwood's simple steps you'll get the most bang for your long-stem bucks.

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