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How to make yummy yam fries

The yam and sweet potato are not only nutritious, but also very versatile when it comes to cooking.  An age-old American treat, these members of the tuber family are often confused with one another - but they have their differences.

The yam has a dark red skin, whereas the sweet potato has a brown skin. The yam itself has a lot more sweetness in it and a beautiful golden color on the inside.

Chef Leslie McKenna, who owns the largest recreational cooking school in Los Angeles, recently taught her students how to make yam fries -- a delectable dish that is increasingly trendier on menus.

"You hear the word 'fry' and you know that's not good for you, " says McKenna.  "You can actually bake these [in the oven] and they taste better."

When you're peeling your yam, you want to make sure to remove all the blemishes, any eyes and all brown spots. Peel them down to the orange flesh so they're nice and clean.

First, cut the tuber's edge and make a flat surface.  The flat surface will help you because it will not roll around as you cut - which also prevents you from cutting yourself.

Yam fries are a sweet but healthy vegetable snack for kids. Experiment with different seasonings and you could have your own culinary hit on your hands.  From garlic powder, salt or pepper to more exotic herbs and spices, the variations are almost limitless. 

With a perfect crispness on the outside and a soft, flavorful center, this is a winning dish to impress your friends and pep up your diet.

Here are more Chef Leslie recipes!

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