Keep your dog happier and healthier in the great outdoors -

Keep your dog happier and healthier in the great outdoors

Just like people, dogs can get a bit down at times. Our pet pro, Luciano Aguilar has some ideas on how to improve your dog's mental health. If you take his advice, it might just do the same for you!

"Dogs are genetically programmed for 'play' and if they don't have the opportunity to relieve stress through outdoor exercise, they can become destructive or withdraw and become depressed," says Aguilar. 

Although dogs don't dwell on negative thoughts, they can fall into depressed moods. A regular dose of outdoor play is a great way to cure the doggy blues. There are many activities you can do with your dog; all you need is time and your imagination.

The first thing to discover about your dog is whether they are 'food' or 'toy' motivated.  It's simple to find out:  Just put a treat or toy in front of them and see which one they go for - they'll make the choice. 

"Once you have your tool, let the games begin," says Aguilar.


Q - How can I exercise my dog if it's raining or snowing outside?

A - If you can't go outside, take your dog into an open area of the house.  Practice your obedience positions, "SIT", "DOWN" and "HEEL."  Practice makes perfect and you don't always have to exercise them physically. You can also exercise them mentally.

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