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Ultra sound technology now used for skin tightening procedures

The days of painful staples and major headaches to smooth those minor wrinkles could soon be gone. A lot of excitement is stirring about a new non-invasive procedure for skin-tightening called "ultherapy."

Ultherapy uses the same kind of technology used in baby ultrasounds, helping to deliver a tissue-tightening zap under the surface of the skin. This very focused energy stimulates the production of collagen.

"Anyone who ants just a little bit of tightening [is a good candidate]," says Dr. Lydia Parker. "Not a lot of sagging; that would need plastic surgery. [. . .] The layers we like to tighten up surgically with a facelift, now we can tighten them up non-surgically."

No down-time. No obvious signs of having had anything done. There are a lot of pro's to going in for ultherapy.

But there are also a few con's. Some patients who have had the procedure have reported pain beyond the typical tingling sensation that many report. And the results are not immediate -- it can take up to four months to see the full effect.

Sharon underwent ultherapy to correct a few problem areas on her face. A few months after the procedure, she was pleased with the results.

"I didn't tell anyone," she says. "Actually my neighbor said, 'Sharon, you look so rested!'"

Ultherapy can also be used on other areas of the body, though results vary from person to person. Dr. Parker is very optimistic about the future of ultherapy.

"Our patients are asking frequently about 'What can I do to tighten and firm my thighs . . . my upper arms. We're so excited," she says.

At $500 to $1,000, ultherapy is a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery and yields far less of a risk. So for people like Sharon, all there is to lose are the signs of age -- which can mean a lot!

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