Setting up a play date for your dog -

Setting up a play date for your dog

When you think of the term 'play date,' it usually conjures images of excited children. But your pup could be ready for a play date, too!

According to researchers at Tufts University, dogs have a genetic need to socialize with other dogs.

Our pet pro, Luciano Aguilar says: "A dog park is a great place to socialize your dog, but they're not for everyone. They can sometimes be chaotic and there are no guarantees that your dog will get along with all the other dogs."

So, why not set up a more private play date for your dog?

Luciano shares a few tips on how to have a successful session:

  • The first meeting between dogs should be on neutral ground.  This way,
    neither dog feels that their territory is being threatened or invaded.
  • Reinforce the fact you are pleased with your dog for his non-aggressive
  • Once you and the other dog owner feel that they're ready, take the dogs
    somewhere where you can release them and let the games begin!
  • Finally, keep a watchful eye to make sure this play date is enjoyable
    for both dogs.

With these precautions in mind, your dog's play date will be safe - but most importantly, it will be fun!

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