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One Second Needle: Does It Work?

Try to thread a needle lately?  If you're around 40 and you haven't given it a shot lately, please do. But just in case, you might want to watch this week's "Does it Work?" report.

The packaging on the One Second Needle says it threads as easy as 1, 2, 3. "It threads itself," they say. And if that's not enough, they claim it can be threaded while blindfolded.

We have a sports coat that needs a button sewn on.  We'll try it.  You get eight One Second Needles, 4 large, 4 small.  And it comes with a cheap little sewing kit.

Our first good look at one of these needles out of the package, reveals how this thing works. Instead of a solid, enclosed eye, there is an opening along the side of the One Second Needle.

Just loop the thread around the outside of the needle, drag it up, it catches and with a little tug, it's threaded.

Now we just have to sew the button on.

And that's when we hit a snag...literally.

The little hook that catches the thread so well during threading, also catches the thread in the fabric you are sewing.

It grabbed the fabric in the sports coat, almost every time we went through it.

It actually created a pull on the other side of this jacket.@

In the end, we got the button on, but not without a struggle and some newly formed fabric pulls inside the jacket. Still curious about the blindfold claim.  Yes, it is possible, but we don't recommend it. @

We're still hung up on this pull issue. So, to be fair, we try some different fabrics.

Same result.

The One Second Needle is a great idea but poor design.

Perhaps a person living alone, with no other way to thread a needle could be helped with this product, but be prepared to fight this one.

"Does it Work?"

We give the One Second Needle a "yes" for its threading ability but a "no" for it sewing ability.

And that's enough to give it a "no" overall.

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