CritiCall: A telecommunicator's test-run -

CritiCall: A telecommunicator's test-run

For 911 telecommunicators, there's no telling when the next major emergency will call in. For Trey Rogers, it was early Tuesday morning, after only four months on the job.

Rogers fielded Kayla Floyd's intense call for help after she was shot three times in the chest. He held on to the call for 10 minutes while Floyd held on for life.

Not everyone can handle situations like these. In fact, turnover at the 911 center is described as a "revolving door."

To make sure prospective operators have a realistic job preview, some 911 centers have invested in a new piece of technology called the "CritiCall."

The CritiCall is software designed specifically for public safety dispatchers and call centers. It is a test that lasts around three hours and gives hiring officials a clear indication of whether or not applicants are cut out for the job.

A test-taker undergoes several rounds of scenarios that mimic life in a 911 center.

Fast thinking, clear judgment, accuracy and lighting-fast typing are all studied. The process allows hiring managers to select only the best candidates. It also allows candidates an opportunity to see whether or not they can handle that kind of high-stress environment, for 12 hours per day.

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