Charred meat may contain cancer-causing chemicals -

Charred meat may contain cancer-causing chemicals

How many of you enjoy a good piece of charred BBQ meat?  It may please your palate, but what you're putting in your mouth may not be healthy!

If you like to grill on the BBQ, be careful how you cook because it could be deadly. Studies show charred food can be linked to a banquet of dangers. 

BBQ's can mean backyard fun for most Americans, but is it really wise to burn your food?

Carolyn Snyder, a registered dietitian of the Cleveland Clinic says, "People may enjoy that sometimes on their hotdog's or steak but it actually has the potential to be a carcinogen or a cancer-causing agent."

Burnt areas of meat contain acrylamides which are potentially cancer-causing agents.  This happens to food when its heated to above 240 degrees.

Studies show exposure can increase your chances of developing some kind of esophical or bladder cancers - but reducing your risk is simple.  "Just cut the charred areas off of the food and dispose of them," says Snyder. 

Here is an excerpt from's article on BBQ and grilling tips,

Cooking (by any method) of meats (particularly red meat and chicken) at very high temperatures until surface charring occurs can cause cancer causing substances (Heterocyclic Amines (HCA)) to form. If you eat a lot of grilled meats you need to worry (though no one knows exactly how much). To minimize the risk you need to:

  • Use marinades (which can reduce the risk by as much as 98%)
  • Do not over cook foods
  • Keep grill temperatures relatively low (under 600 degrees cooking temperature)
  • Use thinner or smaller cuts of meat

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