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Mighty Fix It: Does it Work?

If you need to stop a drip or patch a pipe, then you may want to grab a couple of rolls of "Mighty Fix It". According to the box, it is a flexible silicone wrap that forms an airtight seal in seconds.

Since the product claims to plug just about any leak, we asked a plumber to give the "Mighty Fix It" a try. He simulated leaks on three different connections.

"One was a faulty sawter joint, one a faulty mechanical fitting and the third point we tried was a faulty hose connection," said Porter Hutto, our plumbing expert.

The directions said to clean the surface and let it dry, then apply it and allow 24 hours for it to fuse to itself.

After waiting 24 hours, it was time to cut on the water.

The bond on the garden hose didn't fair too well. But the other two connections did pretty good.

Hutto said, "They held very well...up to 70 pounds of pressure."

Hutto gives the product a thumbs up, but only for temporary uses. He added, "It looks like a good thing to get you out of the problem for a little while. I don't know if I would recommend it for a permanent solution."

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