Your pet reptile may carry salmonella -

Pet reptiles and salmonella

According to the Centers for Disease Control, salmonella is on the rise. But the bacteria notorious for causing food borne disease isn't only found in foods - it could be found on your pet reptile.

A snake or frog may be the perfect pet for your family, but the salmonella on their skin can be a cause for some concern.

Salmonella could make you sick if you eat something that is contaminated, but scales and shells of reptiles can also carry it.

Children under five are more susceptible to salmonella. So if your kids are around your pet reptile, make sure they sanitize or use plenty of soap and water after handling them.

Also, if it's within your reptile's reach - consider it contaminated. Reptiles live for a long time, so to keep a healthy pet and a healthy home for a lifetime, just plan on spending a little extra time staying tidy.

Another tip - always wear gloves when you clean their aquarium or cage, and never let their water get anywhere near where you wash your dishes or yourself.

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