New treatment for knee pain -

New treatment for knee pain

Knee pain is a big deal. In fact, if the pain is bad enough you can end up having major surgery. But there is a new alternative you can discuss with your doctor.

Jerry McLaurin was all but ready to schedule knee replacement surgery because he was in pain all the time. "I could hardly get in and out of the chair."

Then he heard about a doctor in his area that uses a number of therapies to ease severe knee pain.

He uses one device that utilizes traction to separate joints with little to no cartilage left to keep bone from bearing down on nerves.

"As the knee compartment collapses, the tissues start to grind on each other and that causes pain," says Dr. Rich Roth.

Roth says this has been the real game changer in his approach to helping patients who suffer with almost constant knee pain - cold laser treatment.

As light from the laser is absorbed into the knee joint, he says it reduces painful inflammation and triggers the production of new cartilage between the joints.

"After about the fifth or sixth treatment there was almost no pain and I was able to walk," said McLaurin. He says eventually the pain was completely gone.

Cold laser therapy isn't a solution for everyone with knee pain, but could offer another option that doesn't require any cutting.

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