Cochlear implants help some hear -

Cochlear implants help some hear

It's sometimes referred to as a "bionic ear" and it helps deaf people hear - a cochlear implant can be a life-changing device.

Cochlear implants have two parts - one that's implanted just behind the ear and another that magnetically attaches to it.

According to Dr. Moises Arriaga, the implants work for people who have a nerve hearing loss but still have a hearing nerve.

Sound from cochlear implants can be nearly as good as normal hearing.

Arriaga also says the number of people who can benefit from them is growing. "In the old days, about half of one percent of people with hearing loss qualified. With newer technology, it's up to about two or three percent."

Cochlear implants can even be adjusted with a wireless remote. Years ago, those changes required a doctor's visit.  

If you don't qualify for these implants, medical advances made in the last decade have made it possible for other treatments to eliminate deafness, or at least drastically improve the extent of hearing loss.

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