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'Textecution' keeps teens' eyes on the road

Texting while driving is illegal in most states. Still, you see it everywhere. Driving instructor Max Maxwell says the danger is not a laughing matter.

"Driving in and of itself is multi-tasking anyway," Maxwell says. "Then you throw in trying to text. I think it's a recipe for disaster."

Enter Textecution, an application marketed and designed for parents to install on their kids' phones.  Textecution is supposed to stop motorists from texting and driving at the same time.

Textecution's owner, creator, and innovator Joe LeMire texted about the program: "We know txtg is here 2 stay and new drivers lead the pack...deadly combo. Textecution will help the parent train the teen and keep everyone safe."

LeMire sent us a copy of the app to try out. One problem: For now, the application only runs on phones with the Android operating system. LeMire says his company is working on making it compatible with other systems, but currently, it only works on the Google G1 or the Droid.

After installing the program, we set out in a car. At 5mph, we could text with no problem. Same at 10mph.  As we accelerated past 10mph, all text, email, and internet functions on the phone automatically shut down.

At 70mph - no texting was allowed.

Textecution does allow parents to give their children permission to text at high speeds, for instance, if the child is a passenger in the vehicle. If the parent chooses to use this function, the program can be disabled for four hours at a time.

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