Vision therapy can help those unable to watch 3D -

Vision therapy can help those unable to watch 3D

If you're able to sit through them, 3D movies can be lots of fun. Unfortunately, not everyone can.

A young boy named Curren couldn't. His mother says, "I notice he would constantly move the 3D glasses up and down. He couldn't figure out which one looked better - he couldn't get a focus."

Like a lot of people, Curren lacks the depth perception necessary to experience the 3D effect.

Dr. Susan Jong says, "If you've ever been to a 3D movie what you see without the glasses are two separate images. What the brain is supposed to do with the glasses on is 'fuse' those images together."

That didn't happen naturally for Curren. For him, and many others trying to watch 3D movies, it triggered headaches and nausea. But it doesn't any more.

Dr. Jong is using 'vision therapy' involving visual exercises that require both eyes to combine and process information simultaneously. It helped Curren develop the depth perception he needs to see 3D without side effects.

Dr. Jong routinely tests her patients for a lack of depth perception. She says it can also be a factor for kids who are getting bad grades in school.

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