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Extreme couponing

We all know how couponing has folks taking some serious steps to save money at the market, and if you do it right a $100 grocery bill could cost a lot less. 

But now couponing has gone to the extreme - like a sport.

Some merchants are limiting the number of coupons that can be used or the number of items that can be purchased.

Dale North is an experienced couponing expert.  "It's fun; it's almost like a hobby - the thrill of the hunt, going out and finding that coupon," says North. 

Extreme couponing is a household phrase now, but North says getting started isn't as easy as clipping a few coupons and heading to the store.

"It takes time, but once you get organized you've got everything in order and it goes like bam, bam, bam - that's when it really becomes fun," he says. "The beginning stages, just learning is aggravating, but once you get it and look like a pro at it, it's a lot of fun."

North spends two to three hours a day couponing. He starts with the coupon packs in the Sunday paper and if there's a good one, he orders more online. Then it's on to his nightly ritual of cutting and matching the offers in the weekly sale papers. He also prints off online coupons, especially the ones directly from the manufacturer. If there's a product you like, North says to check the company's web site and also look for a Facebook page to find good deals.

Using North's amazing extreme couponing techniques, you can save a huge amount of money at the grocery store. But before you rack up those big buys, make sure you do your coupon homework and find out if there are any retailer restrictions.

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