Blotting out age spots -

Blotting out age spots

Instead of blaming Father Time, it looks like Mother Nature might have more to do with age spots -- those brown, freckle-like flaws that seem to appear overnight. Dr. Melissa Piliang of the Cleveland Clinic helps shed some light why these skin anomalies occur. 

"Age spots, brown spots on the skin, are a result of sun exposure, damage to the skin that causes increased pigmentation. So if you have brown spots from the sun, that tells you that you have damage to your skin. The spots usually appear in areas regularly exposed to sunlight like your face, hands, arms and shoulder," says Piliang.

Most age spots are harmless and can be lightened using prescription products, laser treatments or chemical peels. But some abnormal age spots may put you at greater risk for skin cancers. How do you know which ones?

if you have a lot of brown spots, that tells you that you're probably going to want to check your skin more closely and go see your doctor if you notice anything that's changing or larger or bleeding.

To prevent age spots from developing and to keep your skin looking as young as possible, limit your skin's contact with the sun's harmful rays.

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