Paint your home like a professional -

Paint your home like a professional

There's a revolutionary new paint product that more and more homeowners are using because it cuts painting time in half. Our home improvement expert, Kyle Carlson, is here to show how you can get the finish you want … and finish fast.

"Painting's definitely one of those tasks that gets easier the more you do it," says Kyle. "But there's a couple products on the market now that make painting easier even for first-time painters."

The first product Kyle recommends is a paint and primer in one. Now, years before, you'd have to put on a primer coat and multiple applications after that. This takes  a lot of time off the whole job. After just one application, you're free to walk.

The second product is called Frog Tape. The great thing about this tape is that you can mask off areas that you don't want painted and your paint is not going to bleed through your tape.

Primer is a paint product that allows paint to bond to the surface better and gives paint a more uniform finish. Using a primer on drywall seals the wall and helps prevent mold. Primer is also used for dirty surfaces that can't be cleaned and before painting light colors over dark ones.

In some areas, you might need to put a second application of paint-and-primer on, but it's still a huge time saver.

"So let's do the math. A gallon of primer and paint in one costs you about 30 bucks. To have a professional painter paint an average size room, he'll charge you $300 to $500," says Kyle. "Now this primer and paint saves you a lot of money. Do it yourself. It's really easy!"

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