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Tightening up your budget

If the latest economic news has you spooked, and you're looking to tighten your belt like most of your fellow Americans, here are the top ways they're doing it, according to polling group Harris Interactive.

Twenty one percent of Americans polled have stopped buying their morning cup of coffee.

At lunchtime, forty six percent of them will only eat what they've brought from home - looks like many Americans are brown-bagging it .

And forget about washing that lunch down with store-bought bottled water. Thirty nine percent of people polled are filling reusable containers from the tap.

It's heartbreak for hair dressers - forty three percent of people polled say they've broken up with their stylists.

In times like these, it seems like looking good has simply become less important.

Thirty one percent reported canceling their fashion magazine subscriptions.

Sixty-two percent have ditched iconic brands for generics.

Twenty four percent have ditched dry cleaning.

People are even giving up the kind of things considered American staples. Twenty two percent have cut their cable.

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