Cleaning crayon marks off the wall -

How to erase crayon marks on the wall

Have you ever discovered your child has turned into a budding artist – all over one of your walls at home? Zorianna Kit has discovered a surprisingly easy way to get rid of even the brightest of creations, so you won't have to repaint that wall.

"Chances are, if you have family, you've had an incident where you've walked into a room only to see your painted walls covered in crayon markings," says Zorianna. "So, what's my new favorite household helper that's going to fix this? WD-40. Though it's mostly used as a lubricant or a preventative for rust, I've discovered this amazing new use for it!"

Simply apply some WD-40 to the markings, and wipe it off with a paper towel or soft cloth. You'll be amazed at how quickly and completely the crayon comes off.

"Afterwards, don't forget to wipe down the wall with some gentle soap and water, because it does get a bit greasy," adds Zorianna.

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