The secret to choosing a perfect makeup foundation -

The secret to choosing a perfect makeup foundation

Next to wearing too much makeup, wearing the wrong foundation is the number one makeup mistake a woman can make. Our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier, explains the Do's and Don't of how to match the right color to your face.

"Your skin sets the canvas for every other product that you apply," says Jessica. "Foundation is NOT meant to add color to your face. It should match that beautiful skin that you have to avoid looking like a mask. Color and warmth can always be added with bronzers and blush later."

Foundation was created to even out skin tone differences on the face, as well as to cover up blemishes. Jessica suggests taking advantage of the free advice offered by the makeup experts at your local department store.

"They'll help you determine what kind of formula is right for your skin type: dry, oily, acne-prone? They'll also help you figure out what kind of coverage you're looking for -- heavy, medium or light," says Jessica. 

Next, here's Jessica's sure-fire test to determine which color is best for you. 

"Choose three foundation shades that are closest to your skin tone. Then using a foundation brush, swatch them down from the middle of your cheek to your jaw line," Jessica explains. "Take a look in the mirror -- and look in natural lighting -- and see what color you think matches best."

Don't be intimidated by foundation …spend a little time and experiment with different shades. You'll have beautiful, even skin to show for it!

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