The only four knives you'll ever need in the kitchen -

The only four knives you'll ever need in the kitchen

When you cook, chances are you wish it could go faster. Well, you can start by stepping away from all those knives… because you only need four of them. And our food pro, Devin Alexander, is here to show you why!

"Does it take you too long to get dinner on the table? It might be that you are using the wrong knife. I am going to show you the four pieces that you need that will not only save you money, they'll save you time in the kitchen," says Devin.

"We are going to start with the most important piece. This is a chef's knife. This is the one that you want to spend a little money on because it's the one you are going to use the most. I use it for celery and carrots, even for cubing meat and potatoes. It's pretty much your go-to knife," she explains.

While many people don't want to use a larger knife, Devin says it makes slicing and dicing much easier than with a small one.

"The next knife is a paring knife," she says. "This is a knife you need for small jobs that have a lot of detail -- things like peeling an apple, decorating a mushroom or even cutting the tops off strawberries. This is a knife you don't have to spend much money on."

The next knife Devin keeps on hand is a serrated knife, often called a bread knife.

"You can also use if for tomatoes," she says. "Its great because the teeth allow you to cut through the bread without squashing it. A serrated knife is another one you don't need to spend a lot of money on."

And finally, there is the utility knife, which has a fine, long blade.

"It helps you get in hard-to-reach places to trim meats. This is the only other knife besides the chef's knife that you might want to spend a little more money on if you can," Devin concludes. "Having these four knives in your kitchen arsenal will cut down on kitchen frustration, and help you get dinner on the table in no time!"

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