How to make money and have fun doing it -

Make money and have fun doing it

Everyone wants to get paid for doing something they actually like, but "fun" jobs can be difficult to come by. Here are a few careers that could accommodate both your needs and your wants:

First, let's look at the job of a graphic designer. You get to unleash your creative side and get paid for it! The range of graphics job is wide -- TV stations need designers, as do magazines, movie studios and many other businesses.

You'll need a bachelor's degree for almost any entry-level position. Additional training is also great to expand your technical expertise, portfolio and overall attractiveness to an employer.

The American Institute of Graphic Arts says the median annual salary is $45,000 -- but freelancers report making as much as $57,000 and it's one of those fields where you can make a lot more -- and sometimes less.

If you love socializing, try public relations or marketing. It can be fun, because it puts you right on the pulse of what's hot. You typically should get a bachelor's degree in public relations, journalism, marketing or communications.

Average pay is about $51,000 per year and, like in any field, can soar as you develop expertise and especially contacts.

If you have a great eye for detail, how about bringing white-collar crooks to justice investigating crimes like securities fraud? This is the work of a forensic accountant. You could work closely with the law during investigations.

A bachelor's degree in accounting is basic. Average pay for accountants and auditors is about $60,000 a year, or a little less for government jobs.

If you love to create in the kitchen, consider being a chef. Creativity with this has no limit and there's lots of excitement, especially if you open your own restaurant. Training for this career takes you to culinary schools for basic and real technique. Chefs and head cooks can average from $38,000 to $66,000 annually and beyond.

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