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Is Facebook video chat safe?

Are you sometimes concerned about your kids using Facebook? Well, things are getting more complicated. They've joined forces with the web phone service called Skype - which means your kids could be video chatting with anyone.

With 750 million active Facebook users, you had to see it coming. Already one of the most popular features on the social network giant is live chatting - but up until now, it's only text.

A partnership with SKYPE and Facebook is about to change that. The idea is getting mixed reactions.

Considering Facebook's age requirement is just 13, it's understandable for parents to be worried.

"It might in some way worry me because you can't monitor what the conversation might be, what images might show up on the other side of that," said Patty Brown.

It's still unclear how Facebook will run the video chat. Will you have to sign up? Give consent? Or will there be new age requirements?

"If he's chatting then I'm not going to know exactly what he's doing or who he's chatting with," said Tonya Schroeder.

And all of that will give parents yet another chore of checking on their kids' web activity.

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