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Poor housing market a boost for remodel jobs

It's no secret the housing market is still in the dumps, but one upside - more and more people are remodeling. And that could mean a job for you is under construction.

The news about home sales in many states still isn't good, and recovery likely won't be here anytime soon. But, down times to bring new opportunities.

Real Estate expert Joe Emison is the co-founder of BuildFax, a company that collects construction data, and he says there's a new trend out there - one that could breathe new life into the economy.

Emison says many homeowners who can't sell have started to remodel, thinking, "We're stuck in our home, we want to make it nicer, and so we're improving the quality of our current home."

And that means remodeling is an industry to watch - or better yet, if you're unemployed, one to join.

"Right now, the most common remodels are decks and garages, and then that's followed by kitchen remodels," says Emison.

There are trade schools that can teach you everything you need to know - you get textbooks, video instruction and tests on everything from hanging drywall to drawing up plans, estimates and contracts.

There are many people saying the only way the country will recover is if we return to trade work, building things people need, providing tangible services.

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