Peeling sticky labels from boxes and envelopes -

Quick trick to remove sticky labels

We've all tried in vain to take a mailing label off of a practically new box or envelope so we can re-use it. And the glue wins out every time, ripping the envelope or cardboard, right? Zorianna Kit has a fast and easy solution.

"Sometimes I get more excited about the actual packaging that comes in the mail than what's inside," she says. "That's because I know they are perfect to re-use for care packages I love to send to out-of-town family and friends. Saving these also means I don't need to go to the post office and spend money to buy my own. But when I try to peel off the label, I end up peeling the entire box with it. Now I've made a mess, and ruined a perfectly good box!"

To remove labels without leaving leftover glue residue, simply pull out the hair dryer while peeling. The heat literally un-sticks the glue, making the box and the label look perfectly new. It even un-sticks the tape and takes the sticky part off the label, too!

And the same goes for an envelope.  How many times have you labeled an address, only to realize you've made a mistake and you have to start all over again?  Well, there's no need to throw away a  perfectly good envelope with this nifty tip.

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