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Lead dangers in your home

You can't see it or smell it, but your baby could be inhaling or ingesting it and you may never know until its too late.

Lead is all around us and can be found in homes, buildings,schools , and even daycare centers that were built before 1978.

Homes built before 1978 usually used lead based paint which is harmful - especially to children.

"If it's an old house they are peeling off and eating paint chips and poisoning will happen quickly and will elevate their blood levels," said Dr. James Roberts with MUSC.

Doctor Roberts says as the lead based paint deteriorates over time, it forms harmful dust around doors, frames, porches and window seals.

Children most at risk range from one to five years of age - vital years for brain development.

"Especially right around 9 and 10 months when they are starting to crawl and walking around," Dr. Roberts said.

"At a young age they are pulling themselves up and might be walking along window seals and if they are raking their hands along a dust covered window seal," Dr. Roberts said.

While some metals like Iron and Magnesium are used by the human body there is no use for lead.

Dr. Roberts says exposure to the metal could cause irreversible damage to a child brain development and IQ or even have fatal results.

Another caution for parents is the occurrence of the harmful metal in some toys your child could be playing with and putting in their mouth.

Dr. Roberts says some companies use the lead because its cheaper to produce.

"Be aware of the label of toys you are buying if it says made in the USA that's good if it says made in china I would be cautious about buying that," Dr. Roberts says.

Dr. Roberts also advises checking the Consumer Product Safety Commissions website to see which toys have been recalled because of lead.

"There is absolutely no reason that toys need to have lead in them," Dr.Roberts said.

Dr.Roberts says the only way to know if your child has been exposed to lead is to have a blood lead level test done.

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