Focus on your car's fluids for a smoother running vehicle -

Focus on your car's fluids for a smoother running vehicle

Owning a car is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make. But beyond the occasional car wash, what can you do to protect your investment? Steve Strope shares some easy ways to help extend the life of your car.

"Your car represents a pretty large financial investment, and these days we need to make our money stretch as far as possibly we can," says Strope. "I'll share a few tips to help keep your car good and maintained, and keep your value in the car."

Now a lot of you probably recognize green anti-freeze, but now there are a whole bunch of different styles and colors. What's the difference? Well, they're chemically unique and they're engineered  for specific makes and models, and using the wrong one could cause damage to your cooling system like your radiator and your water pump. Make sure you refer to your owner's manual and get the right anti-freeze for your car.

Changing your oil and using the correct oil is extremely important to extending the life of your vehicle and keeping it maintained. Using the correct viscosity oil is extremely important -- so important that manufacturer's talk about it in and actually stamp it on your oil fill cap -- you want to make sure you use the right oil, otherwise your motor may run inefficiently and may be damaged. Again, be sure to check your manual make sure you use right oil in your car.

One last thing: Try not to drive your car on empty. There's actually sediment that builds up in the bottom of your tank and that can get in your fuel filter and into your fuel pump and cause problems.

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