Does the "Magic Mesh" work? -

Magic Mesh: Does it Work?

If you love fresh air but you're not a big fan of bugs, the Magic Mesh could be for you! It works like a screen door - it comes with magnetic strips because it's supposed to close behind you when you walk through it.  

We decided to find out if Magic Mesh is really the magic answer to letting air in, and keeping bugs out.

For help we went to the home of Steven Roscoe. After reading the directions, he went to work. He put up two screens that come with 18 magnets that are supposed to snap back together once separated.

No tools are required, and it doesn't use nails or screws.

Roscoe says, "I thought it was an easy install."

Then we waited to see if critters could get in. We went in and out a few times to see if the screen would stay in place.

Walking out, it seals up behind you.

It's safe to say the buzz about Magic Mesh is pretty good for this product test - Steven gives it a thumbs up.

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