ATV safety tips -

ATV safety tips

Riding an ATV or dirt bike can be thrilling, but it can also be dangerous.

Jackson Baxter has been riding dirt bike motorcycles since he was 13. He thought he was a pretty good rider until a serious accident sidelined him for nine months.

"Basically I fell off and had no control over this thing," said Baxter.

So he recently took a class on Motorcycle and ATV safety. "I've learned much more than I knew nine months ago in two hours," said Baxter.

Ike DeJager is a certified ATV and Motorcycle safety instructor.  He says most ATV accidents can be avoided.

"99 percent of the time all the accidents were actual person error that they made," said DeJager.

He says there are three big mistakes people make when riding ATVs for the first time.  No adult supervision when young kids are riding, improper or no safety equipment and lack of education for smaller kids on the bigger bikes.

DeJager says when a person buys an ATV, the manufacture will pay for training classes. However he says not everyone takes advantage of the four hour classes.

Even though Baxter prefers motorcycles over ATVs, the safety class is the same and he wishes he would've taken it earlier to save him some time and pain.

"All the stuff he's taught me in two hours is much more likely to give me a better skill level while I'm on the trail, and not spin out and hit trees," Baxter.

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