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High heel do's and don'ts

How high is too high?   

Ladies, do you like the look of high heels but dislike the way they make your feet feel? Turns out, doctors who specialize in feet don't like them either.

Before you go shoe shopping, here's some expert advice on high heel do's and don'ts.

27-year-old Stacy Tucker learned the hard way that high heels can hurt.  She was wearing six inch stilettos to her birthday celebration at a bar.

"I went to stand up to go to the restroom and somehow my foot it couldn't...it didn't land right and twisted. You don't realize that just one wrong step and you can break something."

Stacy fractured her foot and it took six weeks to heal.

"We're seeing a lot of a lot more injuries coming from not only the high heels that adolescents are wearing but also platform shoes which have become very popular," said Dr. John Kirchner, an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Kirchner says shoes with a lower heel that give your toes more room are a better choice.  A good rule of thumb, according to Dr. Kirchner: you want to have a two-inch difference or less between your heel height and your toes. 

Some red flags that your heels are too high: calluses, ankle pain, calf spasms and swelling.  These are all signs of increased stress on the joints that help us balance on our feet. 

After Tucker's fall, she isn't giving up high heels completely, but she has some advice.   

"Usually when you wear them, you're going to an event or something when the bulk of what you need to do or be seen is over with, you can just change into something more comfortable like a pair of flats or flips flops or something that's easier, something less dangerous," Tucker said.

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