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Wonder Vase: Does it Work?

"It's the amazing vase you can shape. Make a vase, just use water," is what it says on the package.

A pretty simple idea - the Wonder Vase just needs warm water to thermally activate its special plastic. Shape it how you like. Then use cold water to re-harden the Wonder Vase. If all works out, you should be able to drop your flowers in your newly formed Wonder Vase. 

You get three vases to a package: green, frosted blue and clear.

We turn on the warm water and try one.  Sure enough, as soon as the water made contact with the thermally activated plastic, it got softer, more pliable.  We shaped the vase by folding down the edges a bit, poured out the water and re-filled with cold water.  The Wonder Vase hardened right back up.  It held the flowers with not problem.

We had good luck with all three vases.  So - Does it Work?  We give the Wonder Vase a "yes".

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