Craigslist seller robbed following site's advice -

Craigslist seller robbed following site's advice

Jeremy Hein thought he was going to get cash for two computers he advertised for sale on Craigslist.

The web site clearly warns users to meet and transact business in a public place. Hein said he did just that, but ended up getting robbed.

Hein has a history of selling things online and recently posted an ad for two computers he wished to sell.

He arranged to meet with a potential buyer in the parking lot of an IKEA store in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"I was trying to meet at the most public place that I could think of," he said. "He took what I was selling and gave me an envelope full of paper."

Hein then went into action trying to get his laptops back.

"We were struggling over the box that I had that he was trying to steal from me," Hein said.

Jeremy said the man claimed to have a gun, but he managed to hold on to the second computer.

"I managed to get one box," Hein said. "He got another."

The thief drove away in an SUV.

Despite her husband becoming a victim of a crime while trying to sell something posted on Craigslist, Hein's wife isn't giving up on the service.

"I still trust Craigslist, you just have to be wise about where you meet people and how you go about doing things," she said.

If you do post something for sale on Craigslist and arrange to meet with them, officials say you should meet in a public place, tell a friend or family member where you're going, and take your cell phone.

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