How to have more fun in the kitchen -

Kitchen tips from the pros

Most of the time Mom knows best, but when it comes to simple but important culinary secrets, it never hurts to consult the pros. Devin Alexander has some clever kitchen secrets for you.

"Have you ever had trouble juicing a lemon because you couldn't get all the juice out without it squirting all over you?" asks Devin. "By rolling the lemon on the kitchen counter under the palm of your hand, you will loosen all the juice while its still inside and you'll be able to apply a lot more pressure than if you were just squeezing it in your hand. Then, when you finally cut it, the juice comes out easily."

Did you know that you're never supposed to wash mushrooms? They act a lot like sponges and soak up water. So if you run them under water, you're going to dilute their flavor - and you don't want that!

Instead, just rub them with a damp paper towel or peel them.

For many people, chopping onions can be really painful. When you cut into them, a gas is released that causes tears. It's not fun.

"I've heard of all kinds of ways to remedy this: Run water, run the onion under water. But why would you run an onion under water? That's only going to water it down. I've heard chew gum, breathe through your mouth," says Devin.

If you want a surefire way to make sure you don't cry -- wear goggles! Although it may look a little silly, they even make onion-goggles specifically for this purpose. You may not look so adorable, but it's absolutely worth it.

"Cooking is supposed to be fun," says Devin. "Not painful!"

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