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Strap Perfect: Does it Work?

There is nothing worse than finding a shirt that you love, only to discover later that you can't figure out how to hide your bra straps!

Strap Perfect promises to be the ultimate bra strap solution. But does it work?

To answer that question, we stopped by SOCA clothing store in Birmingham, Ala.; where even employee Maryalice Lazarus has bra strap issues.

"I sometimes use rubber bands like little clips to tie it back," she says. "There's not really a product like this that I've seen marketed to use to fix the problem."

She reads the directions, which are easy to follow, and heads to the dressing room to try it out.

"My only concern would be putting it on myself," she says. "Having to reach behind my back and getting the straps in the allotted space."

What's her first impression?

"Definitely more support than if I was to switch into something strapless," she says.

The Strap Perfect claims to be comfortable and work well with your favorite bra. But is it worth the hassle of putting it on? Maryalice says she was able to put it on by herself.

Just to be sure, we asked her to test it several times before giving her final verdict.

"After trying on a couple of outfits, I really love it," she concludes. "It was a great success! Easy to put on."

So do we say that the Strap Perfect is a perfect solution?

Maryalice says: "Thumbs up! I love it."

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