Transforming your marriage, one bead at a time -

Love: One bead at a time

Author Carolyn Evans says a little red bead and a bowl literally changed her marriage.

Evans says what was meant to be a unique gift for her husband's 40th birthday changed their relationship and her life.

"I could not think of anything great to give him for his birthday we were just in our own world two ships passing in the night," Evans said.

Married for 15 years, Evans says she and her husband were in a rut until she gave him 40 beads in a bag.

"I told him that was his gift, that we would be intimate for 40 days straight and he was excited but had some questions," Evans said.

The beading premise is rather easy and playful.

Every time her husband wanted to get intimate he would place a bead in her bead catcher or bowl, and she would have to honor his request within 24 hours.

"It changed everything about our marriage it shifted the energy," Evans said.

Evans came up with the number using more than just her husband's birthday.

"It's a bit of quantum mechanics. Forty is a lot. It feels like a lot and it created a sense of abundance around what he loves most in this world," she said.

Evans released her book called 40 beads: The simple sexy secret to transforming your marriage.

"Your husband gives you his best self all of the time. Beading men go out of their way to fulfill the needs of their wives," she said.

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