Staying fit with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson -

Bill hits the gym with Gunnar Peterson

In a new report, the Centers for Disease Control says people who exercise for about seven hours a week are 40 percent less likely to die early than those who rarely engage in physical activity. Well, our very own Bill Rancic paid a visit to one of America's top fitness gurus to learn his tips on how to make exercise a natural part of your life.

There's a common thread connecting many of Hollywood's most sculpted bodies and a number of sports' most elite athletes. They've all worked out at a Beverly Hills gym under the guidance of Uber-trainer Gunnar Peterson.

"[This] experience begins in the parking garage," says Bill when he arrives for his workout. "Don't show up late. Don't try to slide out early. And definitely don't hold back.  Let the games begin!"

BILL: How did you get into this? You started somewhere, and it probably wasn't here with all these famous people coming into your gym.

GUNNAR: No, I was a fat kid attending Weight Watchers meetings at age ten in Houston, Texas. And then I got into working out and saw that you could change your body. And someone asked me once to train with me. And I thought they meant to work out as a workout partner. But he asked me what I charged. And I saw that I could go with it and grow with it, and I did.

BILL: If there are three things that you would say are imperative for someone who's not on an exercise regime, what are the top three things that they should do tomorrow to get on a healthier track in life?

GUNNAR: Start thinking about it today. Are you going to be a walker, a runner, a gym person? But whatever it is, plan that now. The second thing I'll say is get a good night's sleep. Because if you're not recovered, it's hard for your body to put out. And some people when they're doing cardio they have to watch television. Some people do really well with a new pair of shoes. If one of those little things is what's going to get you through the planned workout, then indulge yourself now.

But Gunnar stresses you don't need special equipment or a personal trainer to get in shape.

GUNNAR: There are enough ways to go for a walk or a bike ride or start doing sprints in your driveway. Get started right now. If you're on the couch watching this show, you can stand up and do squats. Squat down, touch the couch, stand up. Then you can sit on the couch and do leg raises. There a million ways to get some physical response out of your body. And you're disrespecting yourself to not do it.

Gunnar says when you do get started, the benefits go way beyond physical health.

GUNNAR: The training, the fitness, it makes everything you do in life – everything, from how you parent, because you're more patient, how you are as a partner in your relationship, how you are at work because you have more energy. Every aspect of your life improves when you start training on a regular basis.

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