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More infants being born obese

Weighing in at 16 pounds, Jamichael Brown may be the biggest baby ever born in Texas.

While people everywhere are marveling at his shear size, his stats shine a light on a disturbing trend - increasingly, newborns are dangerously overweight.

Depending on how long they are, any full-term baby weighing in at over nine pounds at birth could be considered overweight.

It's a trend experts say nearly mirrors an ever-worsening obesity epidemic.

Fact is, overweight moms are not only more likely to have babies that are large, but their child could be at risk for serious health problems.

"If you have an obese toddler, they're more likely to be an obese adolescent and they're gonna have obesity related problems - diabetes, high blood pressure - and we see these happen nowadays in adolescent children because they started being unhealthy when they were just babies and toddlers," says Dr. Alicia Kober.

Kober says pediatricians need to monitor the weight of children like Jamichael closely, and let parents know when something needs to be done.

"You don't put them on a diet, but you don't overfeed them," says Dr. Kober.

With the help of their pediatrician, parents can put together a feeding schedule that will get even the most super-sized baby on track for a happy, healthy life.

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