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When to hire a financial advisor

There are good reasons - and bad reasons - to hire a financial advisor.

If you're changing jobs, or maybe starting your first real job, it could be a good time to get some help. That's especially true if you're carrying student loans, and need to figure out a strategy for paying that down, while saving for your future, too.

Another good time to hire a pro - when you feel out of your element when it comes to market volatility. Few people have the time to keep one eyeball on the Dow ticker all day. So it may help to hire an advisor who can monitor the markets, and help you formulate the long-term strategy that will survive the kind of volatility we've seen this summer.

Another example - when you need some help consolidating accounts. A lot of us leave 401K accounts behind at old workplaces. An advisor can help by pulling all of that money together and working with you on a strategy to help it grow.

So when shouldn't you hire an advisor? Well, when you're looking for someone to help you time the market. Sorry, but none of them come with a crystal ball.

You also don't want to hire someone at a free lunch seminar, or over the phone. Research them, meet them in person, and make sure you understand what they're saying about what they can do for you.

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