Officials say Irene was perfect for preparedness practice -

Officials say Irene was perfect for preparedness practice

Emergency management officials in some places along the east coast are actually thanking Hurricane Irene. They say the hype over the storm ensured people would be ready if there's a 'next time'.

"There were a lot of people that were really proactive about taking their proper steps and getting clarification on a few things. It makes me feel really good about the community coming together and doing what needed to be done," said Randy Webster.

Emergency officials say the practice that came along with Irene was invaluable and they're glad people took the storm in stride by preparing, but not overreacting.

And officials can relax a bit too, knowing another storm won't catch many by surprise.

"We were lucky this time," said Webster. "The steps people took this time may go a long way toward the rest of this season or into the years to come."

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