Carbon monoxide detector could save your life -

Carbon monoxide detector could save your life

Lorraine Cooper thought her apartment building was on fire when she heard someone beating on the door to get her attention. It wasn't a fire, but it could have been just as deadly.

Cooper lives upstairs from where investigators say carbon monoxide fumes seeped from an apartment.

"It scared me because it seemed like I was just in a deep sleep," said Cooper.

Investigators say Cooper's neighbors were using a charcoal grill, but brought it inside the apartment before it completely cooled off.

One of the children in the home alerted their parents when they woke up feeling sick. That's when they called 911.

According to Fire Captain Mike Basnight, "Anything that produces carbon monoxide should not be used in or near an enclosed structure."

According to a county ordinance where this occurred, all houses, apartments, condos and townhouses are required to have working carbon monoxide detectors. Investigators say the unit where this all started didn't have one.

The best way to protect yourself is to have your heating system, vents and chimney tested, inspected and cleaned by a qualified technician every year.

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