Chef Basket: Does it Work? -

Chef Basket: Does it Work?

Wouldn't it be great if you could cook, boil, steam and deep fry using the same kitchen tool? Well, that's what the commercial claims you can do with the Chef Basket.

It sounds easy, but does it work?

We stopped by John's City Diner where Shannon Gober tried out the chef basket.

At first glance, he wasn't 100% sold on the concept.

"My only concern when pulling this out of the box, the overall sturdiness, the quality and how long this thing will last," said Gober.

Fortunately, he's a good sport. "We've got some eggs, we've got some broccoli, we've got some pasta - we've got several different things we're going to try so let's go for it"

First, the broccoli - Shannon is a little concerned about it being too heavy, but it seemed to be working well.

The eggs were next. Gober said, "It will work for this application, however one more time we have to be careful with our weight and that we're supporting it correctly."

He had no problems with the pasta. "As we go over to our dish kind of holding this thing flip it in, it seems to work pretty well."

So what does Shannon think about this product? "I think for pasta, vegetables, things like that I think we're a good thumbs up."

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