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How to look good when you're lacking sleep

When we haven't had enough sleep, our eyes are the first tell-tale sign.

Our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier, shares some tips on how to go from bleary to bright-eyed, without having to load up on caffeine.

"Using a white or beige eyeliner instantly opens up your eyes," Jessica explains. "Use it on the inner rim of your eye, and you'll instantly look more awake."

Using a highlighting pencil, Jessica traces the inner corner of client Kelli Shane's tired eyes.

"If you don't have one at home it's okay; you can use just a shimmery eye shadow," Jessica says. "What it's going to do is attract light, and really open up your eyes. Just right on the inner corners."

"I really like curling eyelashes before you put on mascara, because curling them afterwards can leave them a little bit clumpy," she adds.

Armed with a whitening pencil, a highlighter and the right tools, you can have an "eye-opening" experience that will last all day, or at least until you have a chance to get some shut eye.

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