Door-to-door scams are big business for thieves -

Door-to-door scams

George Everett says he recently had a knock at the door - someone asking him to buy a magazine subscription to help with college.

"He told me he was raising tuition to work his way through college. I asked him what college and he couldn't really tell me." said Everett.

"That's a very classic line and a lot of times when we have had people use that, it has turned out to not be a reputable business," said Michele Mason with the Better Business Bureau.

She said door-to-door scams are big business for thieves.

Every year, thousands of complaints get reported to the BBB and Mason said they typically fall into the same schemes.

"The areas we see would be sales of magazines or books, cleaning supplies, or alarm systems." added Mason.

I just told him, I wish you good luck but I can't help you," said Everett.

The BBB warns door-to-door scams may turn into much more like crooks actually wanting to take a peek inside, check out your belongings and come back later.

Beware when sellers try to rush a deal.

Check out the company to make sure it's legitimate.

After you've checked them out and you feel like giving, use your credit card.

You can dispute it and get your money back from your bank if there is an issue later.

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