The benefits of an attic fan -

Are you a fan? Add one to your attic!

Attic fans can make a big difference in a homeowner's bottom line, and getting one installed is rather simple.

Once an attic fan is installed, it pulls the heat out of the attic in turn reducing the stress on air conditioner units that work hard to keep a home comfortable.

The other benefit is to the home structure itself.

"It saves the life of the shingles - the attics can get up to 120, 140, 150 degrees in this heat and it saves the life of the shingles. They don't get so hot on the roof, you'll get another 4 or 5 years out of the shingles," says contractor Brian Cronenberger.

If the homeowner had to replace a roof, he estimates the cost between six and seven thousand dollars, compared to a fraction of that up front.

Cronenberger says, "You're looking at a couple hundred dollars of labor to put them in and have them wired by a licensed electrician, so it's not much compared to putting a new roof on four or five years earlier."

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