Posting pics of food on Facebook -

Do you post foodie pics on Facebook?

Most Facebookers love to get those pictures out to the world, but when the pictures are of food, the experts say it could mean more than you might think.

"People post all kinds of pictures of food on Facebook. Sometimes it's a delicious dessert or a healthy meal that they've eaten. And when they do this, sometimes they're looking for feedback, but sometimes they do it for themselves. They just want to be accountable," says Susan Albers, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Basically, instead of writing it all down in the old food journal, it seems Facebook is becoming that journal. Whether the user realizes it or not, a string of food pictures is the record of what they've eaten - good or bad.

With that, Albers says posting what you ate, in itself, could be as serious as a cry for help indicating a problematic relationship with food or as simple as a way for dieters to seek reinforcement when life gets too busy to actually talk about eating right.

Albers says, "Say, for example, a stay-at-home mom. If they can't make meetings or if they need some support or the advice of a friend, posting it on Facebook they can get comments, advice, support from all of the people around them."

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