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Harnessing your own flour power

Have you ever considered ditching white bleached flour in exchange for something more nutritious? The options can be dizzying. Our food pro, Devin Alexander, dashes away the confusion with some simple and delicious advice.

"Whole-wheat flour isn't the only whole grain flour on the market these days," says Devin. "Your baked goods can actually contain fiber and nutrients and taste great!"

A lot of people use all-purpose flour because it seems like the thing to do, but Devin notes that this flour has been bleached and is more processed. It also has more chemicals in it. So if you are going to insist on white flour, you should at least opt for the unbleached, which is less processed.

Devin recommends that people use whole grain flour of some sort.

"Now I know you have probably tried it in your grandmother's recipe and it didn't taste so good," she says. "Well, that's because whole wheat flour is pretty gritty. And it's much denser than other flours, so I often opt for whole wheat pastry flour. I also really love whole grain oat flour -- that's also very fine and it doesn't have that same texture."

If you can't find whole grain oat flour, Devin says not to worry. You can easily make it yourself! All you do is put whole grain oats in your food processor, and process them. After a few minutes, you'll have whole grain oat flour.

You can also do this with whole wheat flour if you can't find the whole wheat pastry flour. It'll make it fluffier and finer, which will make it better in your recipes.

"As you can see, it's really easy to add nutrients to your diet, just by changing your flour," finishes Devin.

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